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There are certain decision points critical to the progression, growth and even survival of a business. The first one most owners make is deciding why they should go into business in the first place.  While this may seem like an obvious question, the typical answer we hear is that the business was started to for the money and financial independence that the money would bring. The reality though is that money should be a by product of a quality business service or product.

The next pivot point is in making the decision to hire staff. This may be the first employee hired onto a one-person operation, or an addition to an already existing team.  Hiring additional staff can be a daunting prospect for the business owner in a number of ways, one of the most important being the question of how this new person will impact the team, affecting workflow and productivity in a positive or negative way.

By studying traditional team environments it has been observed that unless they are deliberately and intentionally managed, teams will naturally slip into relationships and behavior patterns which not only create an unproductive environment, but one that can quickly turn toxic.  Experience has demonstrated that such work environments affect morale, productivity, creativity and problem solving. All of which will affect the bottom line.

Successful team building is not something that happens organically.  It can only be accomplished by a deliberate, structured and disciplined strategy.

We believe that there are certain characteristics found in high performing teams, just as there are certain characteristics typical of  teams that are struggling. The questions that you have to answer as a leader looking to improve your team’s outcomes are: Is your team performing as productively as it can, as creatively as it can, and at its maximum potential?  Is there room for improvement? How can you tell?

Based on our experience at LB Life Skills we also believe that with our system of professional tools, and methods, we will help you identify the specific reasons holding back your team’s potential, recommend course correcting strategies, and partner with you in a systematic, organized implementation of those strategies. Contact us for a free consultation.