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Life Coaching Services 

We provide consultation in the following areas: 

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How Does Coaching Work? 
During individual coaching, meetings are scheduled and can be held in person, over the phone or internet, using services such as skype or ooVoo. Working one-on-one with you, our aim is to help you determine and prioritize your individual personal, or business goals. Throughout the coaching relationship your coach will ask thought provoking questions the answers to which, will guide you towards your best values, qualities, talents and expectations.  

The coach will also provide other important elements necessary for steady progression towards your goals. Some of these elements are: structure, tools, objectivity, insight, positive energy and support.  

Of course you will work on yourself between coaching sessions. These activities take the form of specific actions, assignments and exercises for you to complete as part of the accountability process. Ultimately the greatest successes will result from the combination of all these parts of the individual coaching process.​

​ •    Conflict Resolution 
 •    Developing & Enhancing Communication Skills 
 •    Prioritizing Your Business Goals 
 •    Developing An Action Plan 
​​ •    Business Consulting
​​ •    Healthy Decision-Making Strategies
​ •    Create a Safer and Stable Environment

 •    Effective Teamwork 
 •    Managing Expectations & Stress 
 •    Setting & Sustaining Healthy Boundaries
 •    Leadership Development
 •    Motivate the Unmotivated
​ •    Lead with Purpose and Passion
 •    Healthy Relationships at Work & Home 

We provide a safe, non-judgmental environment where a sympathetic and understanding objective ear is available for you to open-up about topics ranging from personal to professional.

Why Do I Need A Life Coach? 
​The way you think as well as the specific thoughts that you have, profoundly influence the way you feel. Changing the way you think enables you to change the way you feel and subsequently, the way you act.  

A coach will help you alter the way you think by strengthening certain thought patterns and by so doing, strengthening certain brain pathways. As a result it will be easier to create new success-oriented habits, while decreasing the impact of old disempowering ones.

Types of Coaching
I offer four standard types of coaching - Individual, Couple, Family and Group. If none of these types fit your needs, we can find the right mix for you and create a custom structure.

Individual Coaching  involves the establishment of a one-on-one coaching relationship between a single client and myself. If the agreement includes a spouse or sponsor (someone other than the client is paying for the coaching), we can structure an individual coaching relationship and agreement that provides check-ins, updates or sessions where the spouse or sponsor is included. This type of coaching carries the highest per-person fee structure.

Couples Coaching  is similar to Individual Coaching but involves both spouses in the active coaching relationship. This type of coaching can be structured to include both spouses in all sessions or a mix of individual sessions and joint sessions.

Family Coaching  can be structured to meet the needs of the individual family and may include full family sessions, sessions with individual family members or sessions with a subset of the family members. This flexibility allows us to create the right structure for your individual family.

 Group Coaching  involves the establishment of a group of clients that all attend the same coaching session. I prefer to organize groups that have similiarities in order to provide the best overall experience for all participants. The structure of each group is tailored to the clients in that group. In some groups, each client will have individual focus during each session with a group checkpoint at the end. In other groups, we will focus on different clients each week. Benefits of group coaching include the establishment of an immediate support network for all the clients in the group and expanded experience gained through listening and interacting with others throughout the coaching process. This type of coaching carries the lowest per-person fee structure. 

What Is Life Coaching? 
The main role of a Life Coach is to help individuals identify important areas in their lives that need change, redirection or improvement. In order to bring about the desired changes in these key areas, the Life Coach assists the individual in the development of personally empowering goals and then provides the tools, processes, accountability and support necessary to achieve them.

Life Coaching