LB Life Skills strives to cover all your needs. If you are looking for a new job, want to try something new, or you just want to see what is available, feel free to browse this page.  We have made it easy to find more employment opportunities by having a variety of job search engines all on one website page. 

LB Life Skills will post job announcements of available positions on the Employment Bulletin Board as they are forwarded to our office. This web board is provided to serve residents in the Inland Empire.
LB Life Skills cannot supervise the identity or intent of web board contributors. Accordingly, LB Life Skills makes no endorsement of and does not make any claim to know information about the job postings or submitters. Those who decide to participate in this board are advised to use the same caution they would use with any internet communication. 

LB Life Skills is pleased to include  Flyers of community events on our website. These public gatherings and cultural events provide a unique opportunity to get to know one's neighbors and to discover the rich cultural offerings throughout the Community. 

If you find an event that you would like to participate in, please call the organization on the flyer for more information. 

LB Life Skills is not responsible for any liabilities that occur during the event, as this is just a general posting. 

improving family life, knowledge and understanding!

Skills to live better 

One of the fundamentals of personal development is growing your network. We understand that we are not able to handle all of the needs that you may have in house, so we have provided outside agencies for you to contact if you are in need of something outside of our scope. 

​ Click here to see videos of organizations in our community. 

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