improving YOUR life, knowledge and understanding IN COMMMUNICATION


We offer classes where we come to your organization or business.

Instead of a traditional lecture format, the class is taught in a highly engaging and interactive manner. Everyone is encouraged to apply lessons they learn to their lives, work and relationships.

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Mobile Workshops & Trainings


​Personal Development Skills:

Active Listening

Appreciate & Accept Your Skills

Avoid Procrastination

Be More Proactive

Become More Resilient

Break the Habit of Self-Doubt


Conflict Resolution

Decision Making

Eliminate Fear

Finding Clarity

Getting into Action

Goal Setting

How to Make Better Decisions

How to Make our Relationships Better

Ignore Your Limitations

Increase Your Willpower

Know Your Personality

Let go of the Past

Mange Stress

Non-Verbal Communication




Positive Attitude

Re-Building Your Marriage

Remove Distractions

Self Confidence

Self-Sabotaging Behavior

Setting & Sustaining Healthy Boundaries

Time Management​

Work Development Skills:

Ability To Accept & Learn From Criticism

Authentic Doers

Basic Marketing Strategy

Break Through Obstacles

Commercial Awareness

Conflict Resolution

Dealing with customers

Developing & Enhancing Communication Skills

Developing An Action Plan

Discover Your Hidden Potential

Effective Teamwork Skills

Emotional Intelligence

Healthy Decision-Making Strategies

Healthy Relationships at Work

How Computers and Electronics Work for You

How to Create a Safer and Stable Environment

How to Get Along with Other

How to Present

Inspiring Leadership

Language Skills

Lasting Success at Work

Lead with Purpose and Passion

Leadership Development

Maintaining Your Morale

Making Effective Presentation

Managing Expectations & Stress

Motivate the Unmotivated

Organization & Planning

Prioritizing Your Business Goals


Promote Your Company

Striving for Excellence

Understand Others Based on Personality Type

Working Under Pressure

Your Inner Critic