Your chances of success are quite good when both spouses want to enhance communication and intimacy. We provide a safe, emotional environment and a process that enables you to express your concerns openly and lead you to understanding each other in ways that are more satisfying than you probably thought would ever be possible. By having us as your coach we will effectively coach you to:

Build and strengthen your marriage using practical tools
   Through practical experience and countless readings and seminars, I have a chests full of tools to be able to help any 
​   marriage.

View problems as opportunities to serve your spouse
   iron sharpens iron and although we don’t like it very much, when we are in the fire, we can really show our spouses

   true love and acceptance by helping them through these tough times.

Communicate effectively and manage conflict
   In this particular point, coaching is vital to help you and your partner stop the madness and build new tools to be able

   to speak to each other in a loving manner, seeking first to understand and then to be understood.

Negotiate hurdles that keep you stuck
   Road blocks can quickly be turned to speed bumps that you can get over with the right communication skills. Instead

    of going around and around trying to get your point across, step off the gerbil wheel and learn the skills that will help

    you press through.

Build or restore trust in your marriage
   There are many different ways that trust is shattered in a marriage: Affairs, Gambling, Pornography, and Compulsive

    lying, just to name a few. When these kinds of hurtful behaviors come into our relationships it is imperative that we

    get the help we need. Life is too short to live life in mediocrity. 

Renew appreciation and affection for your spouse 
   This is my favorite part of coaching. I get to see people say that they love each other after years of anger and hatred.

   The one thing that is consistent with the clients that I see is they wished that they had done this sooner and not have

    wasted years with depression, anger, and frustration.

Release and heal old baggage 
   I often call this our security blanket. If anyone saw us holding on tight to this old, stained, smelly, wet with tears,

   blanket, we would be embarrassed. But yet we carry old baggage with us like a badge of honor. I can help show you

   how this is not serving you and teach you what you need to do to let it go forever. 

Learn to forgive your spouse 
   This is such an amazing gift that you can give to your spouse. 

Build a strong foundation for your marriage  
   I can help anyone with there marriage with practical principles that will make things better for a while, but the true 
   transformation comes when we are transformed in our hearts. ​

​The fact that you are reading this indicates you feel you might benefit from our help. Contact us and let’s talk about it. Using us as your coaching team will give you the support, information, tools and knowledge you need to experience the joy and happiness that was intended in the beginning of your journey together. 

Contact us to see where we can help motivate you to the next level.

Our coaching is done in person, by phone or globally through Skype or ooVoo

Premarital & Marriage Coaching

Coaching & Training 

improving family life, knowledge and understanding!

Skills to live better 

We focus on:
      • Moving people to a higher level of functioning by concentrating on actions and the future.
      • Solving problems and working for external solutions.

We help you to overcome barriers by teaching new skills in your marriage and implementing effective choices.

You take time out from the stress and emotional confusion around you to figure out what you want from your marriage, what strengths you have in place, what skills you need to learn, and what past or present road blocks may be keeping you from moving ahead positively. Once you know where it is you want to go, we actively support your path toward that lifestyle. We encourage you to choose the route appropriate for your actual needs, and hold you both accountable.